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Rachel Jurgenson
Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

I have been a Medical Massage Therapist for thirteen years.  I studied and graduated with honors at the Blue Heron Academy of The Healing Arts. 

I love being able to help my clients get the results that they desire and deserve. 


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Michael Hoyh
Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

My interest in massage began around the age of thirteen. My father had Polio and had to wear a full metal leg brace, back brace, and was reliant upon his crutches.

He would get what is referred to as hammer toe. I would massage his feet to help uncurl his toes, allowing him to place his feet flat in his shoes.

My truest passion is to bring a healing touch to each and every person I encounter.

Whether a 30 minute neck massage or a 90 minute deep tissue session. My focus is directed to what the anatomy of the body is telling me, but more importantly what is not telling me.


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After two different neurologists told me that helping with my back problems was hopeless I was devastated.   I've battled with back pain for several years. Pain pills barely worked anymore. A few months ago my daughter gave me a free massage treatment at Rachel Jurgensons on Commercial Street in Dowagiac. The results have amazed me. At this point, I only require an occasional pain pill and my back has steadily improved. I strongly recommended her excellent therapy.


I have been going to Rachel for awhile now and I absolutely love her. Her knowledge of how the human body works and background in therapy make for a fantastic experience. 


Michael had the music nice and calming water flowing in the back ground, warm bed. Great explanations of what was to happen and expected.


I had a great experience with Michael, my muscles are thanking me days after my massage. Looking forward to returning!



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